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Nowadays, the most important sources of online traffic are search engines. Users rely on the search results obtained by these engines to get all the information and services they need. Thus, the first links to appear will always be the ones people are most likely to access.

It’s very important to be among the first in the search results and to rank high on the web so users can easily access your links.

But this is not an easy task, as you need to be constantly monitoring multiple parameters: site ranking, link popularity or traffic rank, among others.

SEO Altimeter is a software tool that will do all of those things for you. The application was designed to control all crucial Internet marketing parameters, including Alexa traffic rank, Google PageRank, and overall link popularity in many search engines all over the world.

With this application, you can monitor your website’s ranking parameters in a very quick and user-friendly way. In addition, the program saves the trends and history of each site and lets you export the data into CSV for further analysis.

This program will automatically analyze all vital parameters through a highly customizable process. Its interface is so simple that it will let you view any URL’s traffic and the site’s status, compare graphs, and view the HTML code and other important data for your website’s search engine ranking.

- 30-day trial version.
- Unregistered version has a limit of 10 URLs.

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